Rate Card Valid from 1st January 2021

White Horse – Marlborough, Devizes and Pewsey

Avon  – Westbury, Trowbridge and Melksham

Two Valleys – Amesbury, Tidworth, Ludgershall, Netheravon and Upavon

North Wilts– Chippenham, Calne

The rates for a one month/insertion are as follows:

                 All Four Editions                White Horse         Avon/Two Valleys/North Wilts (each)

Full Page                £475                                       £250                                       £125

Half Page               £260                                       £140                                       £80

Quarter Page        £145                                       £75                                         £50

Eighth Page           £80                                         £45                                         £35

Directory Advertisements

1/16th page            £40                                         £25                                         £20

1/32 page              £35                                         £30                                         £15

For guaranteed position please add 10% and add 20% for the front or back covers.

E Version

Full Page                £80         for all three editions

Half Page               £50

Quarter Page        £30

Eighth Page           £17.50

1/16th Page           £10

1/32 Page             £6

Leaflet Distribution

Leaflets are either distributed solus or shared. Solus distribution would be carried out with no other leaflet or magazine. Shared distribution is either distributed with The Market Magazine or with another (non-competing) Leaflet. The costs are as follows:

Solus £80 plus VAT per ‘000

Shared £45 plus VAT per ‘000

Mechanical Sizes

(width x height) ORIENTATION

Full Page 148mm x 220mm Portrait

Half Page 148mm x 105mm Landscape

Half Page 72mm x 220mm Portrait

1/4 Page 72mm x 105mm Portrait

1/8 page 72mm x 52mm Landscape

1/16 page 34.5mm x 52mm Portrait

1/16 page 72mm x 25mm Landscape

1/32 page 34.5mm x 25mm Landscape

Please note any changes or new advertising copy are required by the first Monday of the month prior to month of publication.

INDESIGN: supplied with all artwork and fonts

PHOTOSHOP: supplied as TIFF’s or JPEG’s in CMYK and 300DP IILLUSTRATOR: supplied as CMYK, PDF format with fonts outlined

Basic Terms and Conditions

Please ensure all artwork or changes to artwork are received by the first of the month prior to the month of publication. Receipt of artwork is deemed to be acceptance of booking. Payment Terms strictly on receipt of invoice. Card payments are accepted. Cancellations cannot be accepted from Advertisers within 1 month of the Publication Date (normally 1st month) of the conventional, print-media Martinsell Publishing Publication

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